Terms and Conditions

Nothing loud is allowed at Studio 1 at any time. No loud music, shouting, etc. If you need to make loud noise, you’ll need to shoot at Studio II/III. Music is allowed at Studio I, it just has to be kept reasonable.

You are responsible to leave the studio in the same condition as you found it. Failure to do so will incur a minimum $50 damages fee.

No alcohol on premises without prior permission. California state law prohibits smoking of any kind on the premises.

Shooting and activity must remain inside the studio. No shooting on the grounds, parking or patio area outside the studio (Studio I.) If you want outside shooting, you’ll need to fully exit the grounds.

Glitter, body painting, fog machines, confetti smoking, splatter, dust effects, etc prohibited without prior permission. Minimum $50 cleaning charge if evidence of any of the above used without prior permission.

No early load in, the doors open at the booking time.

You must be completely broken down and out of the studio at the time your booking ends. If you need overtime, notify studio management at 310-503-2365 at least 30 minutes prior to the booking end time.

Dogs and other pets are a violation of our lease, please leave them home.

Aerial hoist usage by vetted/qualified riggers only. Must give advance notice and sign waiver prior to usage.